February 8, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule for Construction Workers


Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Guidelines

Based on available supply, individuals described below are or will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines:

  • Phase 1A, all tiers*
  • Phase 1B, Tier 1:
    • Persons 65 years of age and older
    • Sector populations: Education and Childcare** , Emergency Services*** , Food and Agriculture***.

We have confirmed that construction will fall under Phase 1B Tier Two.  

Per the State’s webpage (https://covid19.ca.gov/vaccines/), Phase 1B Tier Two covers: 

1B Tier Two: 

  • Those at risk of exposure at work in the following sectors: 
  • Transportation and logistics 
  • Industrial, commercial, residential, and sheltering facilities and services 
  • Critical manufacturing 
  • Congregate settings with outbreak risk: Incarcerated & Homeless 

The construction essential workforce designation is covered under “Sector Index 13” of the essential workforce definitions, which is titled “industrial, commercial, residential, and sheltering facilities and services.” 

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by Brooke Fishel, Director of Labor Relations