We collaborate with our members to form strong strategies for achieving successful outcomes when developing labor contracts and engaging in labor relations.



We represent the collective interests of our whole membership. Our expertise enables us to negotiate successful and timely Collective Bargaining Agreements.

As your representative Association, we strive to assist our individual contractors with their relationship with the District Council 16.

Infographic on Collective Bargaining Agreements


During negotiations, we represent our membership’s collective business interests. Our priorities during negotiation periods are to:

  • Identify and quantify the key issues for the negotiation

  • Develop strategies and tactics for bargaining

  • Establish rules and procedures for the negotiating team to assure management’s effectiveness

  • Organize communication systems to keep you and your employees informed

  • Provide our members with interpretations and cost-effective applications of the collective bargaining agreements

  • Support our members in the adoption of the bargaining agreement decisions

For more information on the milestones for Collective Bargaining Agreements, view our Infographic: CBA Infographic


Labor Relations:

We don’t just represent your business during labor negotiations—we also support you with your employee relations and grievances year-round. At NCAT, we:


  • Provide assistance to our contractors in preventing disputes or negotiating settlements of those disputes

  • Represent our contractors in responding to employee grievances from the first step through to arbitration

  • Support ongoing relations and assist the members who serve on labor-management trusts and committees

  • Recruit and train members to serve on labor-management trusts and committees and on the negotiating team

  • Advocate for our membership and industry at the legislative level, ensuring the health and future of our industry


Collective Bargaining Agreements:

We negotiate to effectively represent our members during Collective Bargaining Agreements. 

Collective Bargaining Agreements govern the terms and conditions of employment between our contractor members and the District Council 16 workforce. 

Watch this video to understand more about Collective Bargaining:

As the only party authorized to negotiate with District Council 16, we represent our members’ business interests to help ensure successful outcomes. With our collective expertise, we have negotiated successful and timely Collective Bargaining Agreements.

We advocate throughout the range of negotiation periods, from preparing for Collective Bargaining and gathering member input, through the application of the Agreement. We encourage our contractor members to be involved and we actively work to represent our members’ business goals.