NCAT Trust Fund Series: Top 10 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Trust Fund Series

This session will identify the top 10 common mistakes made by employers and how to solve them! The Third Party Administrator, Payroll Auditor and Legal Counsel will be contributing to the session and providing you with easy ways to avoid making these common mistakes. We will also open it up to questions that you did not get answered during any of the prior sessions included in the Trust Fund Series. We welcome your feedback about the Trust Fund Series and suggestions with future educational programs. What do you want to know?

Why should you attend?

  • You will learn about common mistakes being made by employers and how to avoid making them yourself;
  • To learn about different ways to handle your contribution reporting and payment to ensure that there are no processing errors that can lead to eligibility issues;
  • To hear about how to avoid mistakes commonly identified during payroll audits;
  • To understand how to avoid mistakes that can cost you;
  • And did we mention lunch is on us? After attending this session eligible NCGMA and NCPFC contractors will receive a Door Dash gift card!

Who should attend?

  • Newly signatory employers and their contribution reporting team(s);
  • Anyone who regularly pays contributions via joint check from a general contractor;
  • New or recently hired personnel who want to learn about these common mistakes and how to avoid them;
  • Anyone that has had significant findings as a result of their payroll audit;
  • Everyone who has follow-up questions from prior sessions in the Trust Fund Series and/or who has suggestions for future programs

Presented by Michele Stafford, Esq.


For more information, contact Lauren Call at or by calling 510-428-9486.